come away, beloved

Refill  Retreat

January 4-6, 2024
Port Aransas, Texas


God is Spirit, and we are made in His image — body, soul, spirit. If you are longing for something more, if you want to hear God’s voice more clearly, and you desire a deeper experience with God, you can be filled and refilled by the Holy Spirit. Many people, even Christians, are afraid or skeptical of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, but this experience brings freedom, overwhelming joy, healing, peace, and clarity!

This is for you:

Refill  Retreat

What to Expect
  • Sunrise devotionals + alone time with God on the beach
  • 5 powerful teachings to encourage, uplift, equip, and empower the weary woman through the wilderness season
  • Time for community building, fellowship and alone time

Retreat Ticket $350 — Jan. 4-6
  • Food: 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners, snacks, coffee
  • Shared room in a beach house in Port Aransas
  • Tote bag with goodies, including retreat t-shirt
  • Workbook with 5 powerful guided teachings

A two-night retreat for the anxious mama, the troubled soul, the women weighed down by the worries of this world.
Learn how to renew your mind, take every thought captive, set your mind on the things of heaven, and experience peace of God that transcends all understanding.

  • Do you feel God drawing you away?
  • Do you desire to hear God's voice more clearly and know God more intimately?
  • Do you feel weighed down by the worries of life and struggle with overwhelming anxious thoughts?
  • Are you going through difficult trials and want to learn Biblical tools to overcome them through Christ?
  • Do you want to experience being filled and refilled by the Holy Spirit, your Helper and Comforter?

into the wilderness.

what is a wilderness season?

Often God allows us to enter, or even draws us, into the wilderness, a season of consecration and separation from the world and noise. There He speaks tenderly to us, revealing Himself even more. Oftentimes, this wilderness season can look like a difficult trial or a period of testing. We wonder why we're going through one difficulty after another. But what if the place you are now is exactly where God has you? What if He has drawn into the wilderness? 

Why? You might ask God. Why me? Why am I goign through this?

What if it's all part of His Great plan? Yes, even the tragedy; even the loss; even the heart ache. Why?

Come learn why God leads us into the wilderness.

God is drawing you away, beloved...

About Melody Celeste

Founder of Filled + Refilled

Melody Celeste is a Christian minister at Made Through Fire Ministries in San Antonio, where she preaches, teaches and sings.

Although I grew up in church and absolutely love the church experience, I know that isn’t everybody’s story. That's why I hope to make space for women to experience God in spirit and in truth outside of the four walls of the church. God is sending me out for the One sheep to remind them of God’s great love and calling in their life, so they can hear God’s voice clearly again and see His vision for their life!

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