San Antonio Photography Locations for Extended Family Photos

If you’re already investing in family photos for your own family, why not invite your siblings and parents too! It’s such a great way to capture the whole family this fall, and it makes amazing Christmas gifts for grandparents too.

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If you don’t mind being the coordinator, I think it’s totally worth it to do extended family photos.

One huge part of the planning is location. Depending on the size of your family, we need to find a location that works for you.

Plus, you might also have to think about wheelchair access or walking distance, depending on if everyone can get around easily.

I put together this guide to photography locations in San Antonio specifically for extended families.

I have a huge, Hispanic family too, so I love capturing other large families and capturing these memories!

San Antonio Photography Locations for Extended Families

1. Cibalo Nature Center, 140 City Park Rd, Boerne, TX

Cibalo Nature Center is probably my favorite locations (along with many other photographers)! Although it can get busy, it never disappoints on a sunny or cloudy day.

It is essentially a huge nature park with a huge field of tall, wispy grass that works great for large families.

There are other options at Cibalo Nature Center too. If you don’t mind a short walk of about 0.5 miles, there is also a beautiful river with huge trees along the path.

On the opposite direction of the large field about 0.5 miles, there is a platform over a swampy pond. This spot can definitely fit a larger family, but for walking shots, it will only fit about 8-10.

2. Phil Hardberger Park, 13203 Blanco Rd, San Antonio, TX 78216

Phil Hardberger Park is a gem in San Antonio. It definitely gives me Cibalo Nature Center vibes with a field tall, wispy grass, so if you love Cibalo but don’t want to drive to Boerne, this is a great option.

Near the Urban Ecology Center off of NW Military Hwy, there’s some different backdrops that would fit smaller groups and maybe one large family photo.

3. Brackenridge Park, 3700 N St. Mary’s St.

Brackenridge Park is great because it’s in central San Antonio. If you want a place with beautiful, tall trees and greenery, this is the place for you. In the winter, the leaves turn yellow and orange.

Note*** For larger families, we’d probably stay in this spot under the trees, and then drive over to either 1) a field of grass pictured below or 2) walk to the Witte Museum. If you don’t mind that small inconvenience, or if you just want to stay under these trees, we can do that!

This is the area in front of the Witte Museum that makes a great background for smaller group photos.

4. Landa Library, 233 Bushnell Ave

If you need a small park with little walking and wheel chair accessible, I recommend Landa Library.

It does have a field under some trees that looks great for large families. The only downfall is there can be a car in the background, but with larger families, the people usually cover them.

How much do extended family photos cost?

Depending on the location, you can still choose my 2 hour or 1 hour option. Then you’ll add $10/person after 6 people. See my pricing here

For larger families, we usually pick one or two spots and that’s where we’ll take most of the photos.

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