'Stay Home, Work Safe' as a Mom, Photographer

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Week 1

It’s only Tuesday and the Stay Home, Work Safe order doesn’t even go into effect until midnight, yet I feel anxiety stirring up all over again. For some reason, the thought of basically being forced to stay home makes the isolation worse.

So I decided today I would overcome it by shooting photos around the house. It allows me to be creative, while documenting my boys at this stage of life, while documenting such a crazy time in this world. Plus, I thought it would be fun to not only share our photos from today, but also share some things we’re doing here at home in case you to try some with your kids as well.

Today, one of Ethan’s math assignments was to build with blocks, so Anthony helped him build a 6- and then 11-car-garage. I asked him about different shapes as well.

For background, our family has been staying home since the week after Spring Break with the exception of going to the Ethan’s dentist appointment, Andrew’s 2-month check up, the playground, my parent’s house, and church. Then our church stopped having services, so we haven’t congregated in what feels like forever.

And as I look at the calendar, I laugh because we’ve really only been home for a week! Oh my goodness. But to be fair, I have been home for maternity leave since end of December, so for me, it feels like forever!

So here we go. This is Stay Home, Work Safe as a mom, photographer, introvert, and creative:


Even before Ethan got his schoolwork, we’ve enjoyed just playing with Ethan more. Although he’s gotten better at independent play, he very much wants someone to play with him.

We’ve been doing lots of coloring… LOTS of coloring! I enjoy it so much, and plus, it actually is said to reduce stress and boost creativity.

Other things we’ve played:

  • Color, draw, and practice writing his name
  • Interactive play (with his PJ Masks or Toy Story toys, which includes lots of avenging and storytelling)
  • Blocks
  • Painting rocks
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Dance parties
  • Play dough (to come)

We’ve done scavenger hunts outside a few times, and I just got ideas from Pinterest, but today, we did an indoor one for one of his writing assignments and searched for objects that start with ‘s.’

He had some stickers nearby, so I made it fun and we labeled the items with a sticker. Now my syrup, one of Andrew’s socks, Ethan’s slipper, and a sparking water “soda” all have stickers on them. It was definitely a more challenging one for Ethan, but it was fun.

Go Outside

Every day we go outside at least once. I highly recommend this so you can all stay sane.

We have a neighborhood park, so Ethan rides his bike and Anthony and I walk with baby Andrew in the stroller. Ethan doesn’t stay out there very long, but it’s great to get him moving and get us all outside.

One of his science assignments was to name plants and animals, and his social studies assignment was to name things in his environment. He named birds, a cat, and ants.

Anthony even opened up ant ant mound so he could see the structure and the eggs. (Sorry ants, we messed up all of your hard work.)

Today it was hot, so Anthony busted out the sprinkler — another ‘s’ word — and Ethan found his swim suit.


Ethan is very interested in cooking. Any time we’re in the kitchen, he asks to help. So now that we’re home more, we’ve been cooking a lot more.

One afternoon, Anthony and Ethan baked banana bread, and it was delicious.

Half way through preparing, Ethan got bored and left Anthony, but once it was done, he enjoyed tasting what he got to be apart in making.

I would say if your child shows interest in something, foster it. If your child doesn’t seem to like cooking, you don’t have to force them; include them every so often.


I love sleep! I had such a great routine going before Spring Break of waking up at 5 or 6 a.m. and doing my devotional. But now, we’re going to bed late and I’ve still been up with Andrew throughout the night, so I’m doing lots of resting, including sleeping in. Thank God for help from Anthony.

Don’t feel guilty for resting. Take naps. Sleep in a couple of days out of the week, or the whole week.

I would say just make sure to do at least one productive thing a day. That’s a great goal.

What have you been doing to stay busy during this time?

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