What is a newborn lifestyle session?

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We’ve all seen the infamous “nailed it” Pinterest memes where you have a beautifully positioned newborn bundled up in a tiny basket with props on one side and on the other side, a baby awkwardly positioned. Aww pobre, they tried.

It’s quite funny, but it’s so true! Newborn photography is difficult. These fresh, yet flimsy newborns just want to be cuddled up next to mom, so moving them around to change them and swaddle them takes patience and practice. Kudos to those photographers.

I’m not one of those photographers.

I love lifestyle sessions. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the other type of newborn session, I simply prefer lifestyle sessions.

What is a newborn lifestyle session?

A lifestyle session in my own words is capturing candid, intimate, real life moments. It’s similar to documentary photography, but there is a bit of posing and guidance.

I personally love to stand back and allow my families to interact. If I see they need guidance, I come in, but for the most part, I love seeing families just be themselves.

Like in this session, you can tell this dad and big brother wrestle like this often. They started this on their own. My husband and son do this as well, so I know it was a precious moment.

San Antonio family photography

What to expect

In my newborn lifestyle sessions, you can expect to relax in your home with your family. I’ll have you hold and cuddle baby, talk to them, rock them, feed them. It’s just a moment to enjoy them and reflect on this new season of life.

Don’t get worried if baby cries or needs to eat. These sessions are meant to capture real life. That’s why these sessions are longer than normal because my time is yours (well babies because they run the show haha).

And despite how you feel the session is going — many parents get worried that they’re baby is crying too much or they won’t get a good photo — I take lots of images and we will get beautiful photos!

You can also expect to turn off all lights inside and open the curtains. I love natural light and this makes for beautiful images. I like to ask the parents to send photos of their space if they have concerns of it being too dark. We will make it work.

You can bring help if you’d like. I’ve had clients have their mom over to offer an extra hand. I don’t mind this. I know this time is very new and even with a second or third child, it’s not easy! Plus I love a good grandparent photo like this one:

San Antonio family photographer
San Antonio family photographer

You can also expect details. I love details, especially baby details — tiny toes and fingers, facial features, hair, eyelashes. I love them! And room details.

San Antonio family photographer
San Antonio family photographer
San Antonio family photographer


I would love to make this very easy for moms because I know it’s difficult to juggle all of the plans — birth plan, doctor appointments, bills — and on top of that, trying to capture these precious moments.

I’ve created some packages that cover maternity to newborn sessions. We can even work on including a 6-month mini and 1-year milestone session if you’d like at a discounted price.

But for now, here are the maternity + newborn options:

  • Package 1: Maternity + in-home newborn + in-hospital – $1,000 (save $100)
  • Package 2: Maternity + in-home newborn or in-hospital – $600
  • Package 3: In-hospital mini + full in-home newborn – $600 (save $100)

In-hospital fresh48

San Antonio family photographer

Fresh48 sessions are done within the first two days of birth at the hospital. These are raw, candid moments of those first moments with baby. I read this somewhere and I wish I would have screenshot it: Fresh48 aren’t meant to be pretty for Instagram; those first days are hard. These images are for you, mama; to remember the first moments with your new baby. (Paraphrased).

San Antonio family photographer

I love this because I remember the recovery days at the hospital; they were so hard. But these images remind me of how strong I was and how my husband was there to help. I always tell my mamas that if they want to book a fresh48 and then they’re birth is hard and they’re not up for photos, we’ll simply move it to your home within the first two weeks. That’s what we did here:

San Antonio family photographer

Let me know if you have any questions. To book, fill out this contact form on my website.

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