John + Shaelee | San Antonio Photography

John and Shaelee recently got engaged in Disney World, which is such a cool experience! I photographed both of their graduation shoots last year, so it was such an honor that they came back to me for engagements.

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What an awesome season of life to be in! I remember when Anthony and I were about to graduate as well, we got engaged and began planning our wedding. We both graduated in the same month as our wedding: May of 2014!

So it’s awesome that they’ve both graduated college and are on to marriage. I wish them all the best.

Here are some photos from their engagement session. They totally rocked it! Shaelee chose some sleek, formal outfits, and they contrast so well with the tall grass and cloudy sky.

One thing about this couple is they love their dogs. They are two big, fluffy dogs, and they’re so cute and well behaved! Well, for the most part! They got distracted by other dogs and didn’t want to make a paw sandwich, which is totally understandable, but overall, they’re great dogs!

The second half of the session was spent near the river, but the sun was setting quickly. Right at the end, an amazing sunset came out, and we stopped to capture a few more final photos, and I’m so glad we did.

Oh! And I am also going to get to photograph their wedding (God willing) in Cabo! I’m very excited to photograph a beautiful beach wedding and enjoy some vacation time as well.

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