San Antonio Blue Bonnet Photos

san antonio blue bonnets

It took a good amount of effort to get us all dressed to take some photos, but I’m so glad we did because these are precious moments that I have captured with my boys. I rarely get in front of the camera, and I want to do more of it.

It take a little bit of coaching my husband through. He’s such a good sport. I’m truly so thankful for him because he not only takes my photos when I ask him to, but also comes with me on shoots, which I truly appreciate.

I definitely wanted to get some photos in the blue bonnets because I just love these flowers and how they fill up a field so vibrantly. I was so happy when they bloomed so beautifully at a nearby field in South Side San Antonio. This same field last year did not bloom as much as it did this year, so we got lucky to find some in town.

Plus, the sun decided to come out for us, which was a major plus! I just love the golden sun and the blue.

san antonio blue bonnets

I can’t believe my big boy is going to be four this May! Where does the time go? That’s why I make sure to get these close ups as frequently as I can.

san antonio blue bonnets

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