Summer Family Photography Session Prep

San Antonio Family Photographer

If you were outside this weekend like I was, then you know the Texas summer heat has arrived.

So for those who have booked a summer session or are thinking about it, I have some advice.

For one, I would say don’t shy away from a summer session just because of the heat. While it can be uncomfortable, it can be even more fun than a fall session in my opinion (when you add a little water).


I would recommend a location with water. Even if you’re not immersed, even just getting your feet wet can really help you and your family cool down and have a great session.

Cibalo Nature Center has a beautiful river, and it’s shallow so you and your family can carefully get it, play, cool off, and capture some beautiful photos.

I’d also recommend Hemisfair Park in Downtown San Antonio. They have a splash pad where your kiddos can get in after or even during your session and have some fun.

Other water-related summer location ideas include a session at the pool, splash pad, or even waterpark.

Aside from water-associated locations, you can simply go inside! An in-home family session is such a great way to capture your family in your natural element while staying cool. You can pile up in your bed and read a book or have a tickle fight.

There are also other indoor locations around San Antonio like Flower Vault (closing and moving after June) or even hotels will let you photograph inside for a fee.

What to bring

  • Water, water, water. If you can’t or don’t want to get in the water, bring water to drink! I can’t recommend this enough.
  • If you sweat a lot (like me), bring a sweat towel. This will help you not look glossy in your photos. They also have these cool towels that you can presoak in ice water and they stay cool the whole session. I have one that I wore on my wrist that kept me cool while I wiped my sweat.
  • If you’re getting wet, you can also bring a towel to dry yourself or your feet.
  • Bring a snack for the kiddos. This is just always a great thing to bring to a session. Snacks bring back the energy, especially after heat exhaustion.
  • A stroller or wagon might help for locations with a lot of walking. I know for me, carrying my heavy, 3-year-old makes me even hotter. This can also help carry water, towels, and snacks.

Time of session

Evening sessions are a must. Photographers usually shoot in the evening anyway for best lighting, but even more so, evening shoots are much cooler than morning or during the day.

You can also request a shorter session if your photographer offers this. This will ensure you’re not outside for hours.

I hope these tips help. Let me know what you recommend for staying cool in the summer in the comments below!

I love these hilarious memes:

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