The Best Tip for Photographing Your Kids And Pets

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As a mom, I understand that we adore our child(ren), and we need to capture all of the amazing things they do. I see Ethan as a genius, and every time he does something new or says a new phrase, I want to “Snapchat” it or take a picture.

Like this week, he got so much better on his tricycle! Although I was unplugged, I had to snap a few photos. Read about why I went unplugged.

After snapping the first two photos, I realized I was making a very common mistake. Here are the two images:

I have a great tip for photographing children and pets, and it’s so simple.

And now I want to share the greatest tip with you, mom. Whether your kids have feet or paws, you can improve your daily photos of them with this one alteration:

Get down on their level!

Even I have a habit of taking photos of Ethan from where I stand (5’6″ above him). The photos like the two above are OK, but look at how much better they look after getting on his level:

This simple adjustment of squatting down allows me to capture a background in the photo, and if you’re using the portrait mode like I talked about in one of my latest blogs, it will give you that depth of field or blurry background look.

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I did the same thing at my latest graduation session with John, a UTSA graduate. He brought his two dogs, and I went to take a photo of that cute puppy and I started shooting from above him, and then I remembered my “greatest tip.”

Check out that cute puppy! One small adjustment — squatting down — and you get the background in the image instead of the ground.

I’m not saying you should never take a photo from above because there are definitely instances when this works, especially to capture a close up of their eyes.

Comment below if you have this problem, and tag me in your next photo of your child or pet on Instagram @mcphotographysatx so I can see your progress!

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