Summer Sessions in San Antonio

San Antonio Family Photographer

I know.. we live in Texas. It’s hot.

It’s been getting up to 85 to 90 degrees and it already feels so hot.

But I do want to offer some session options for summer.

Summer Sessions in the Water

san antonio family photographer

You’re probably already going to the splash pad or pool/lake with your kids. Now you can bring me along and capture some really fun moments of your family.

You can pair this with a family session and then have the kids change and have fun in the water, or just have me come along for part of your summer fun.


Summer mini sessions are 30-45 minutes in the evening (or sunrise) hours, so one hour before sunset. The cost is $280 for families and you’ll receive 30-40 digital images in an online gallery.

You can also book a regular family session, and we’ll just be sure to drink lots of water and find shade! See my pricing page for more info.

San Antonio Location Ideas

san antonio family photographer
Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake is stunning at sunset. There are various park, but this spot (pictured) is free and open to the public.

We can try our best to photograph around people, and/or you can choose a weekday and there will probably be less people.

Note: Travel fee will be added.

Cibalo Nature Center

Cibalo Nature Center is a beautiful location. I especially love going in the fall.

san antonio family photographer
Cibalo Nature Center

But it can be great for summer water sessions as well.

There’s a beautiful river with huge trees that flows through the park that’s great for small children to play and swim in.

Note: Travel fee will be added.

Espada Park or Confluence Park

These parks are very close to each other and they’re located on the South Side of San Antonio. They are beautiful small areas with rocks along the San Antonio River.

Gruene River

If you want to travel a bit and enjoy the small town of Gruene, I can meet you at the river and then you can go enjoy The Gristmill after our session.

The Gruene River runs nearby and is pretty easy to access.

We may have some tubers floating by, but we can work around them.

It’s a great, shallow spot for your kids to dip in.

Note: Travel fee will be added.

Let me know if you have any questions about summer sessions!

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