What is family lifestyle photography?

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san antonio family photographer

As a mom, capturing candid moments of my boys, Ethan Jacob and Andrew Jeremiah, growing up has been so fulfilling.

From their first moments in the hospital to walking and now playing and wrestling together and all the in between has been so much fun.

What is lifestyle photography?

Lifestyle photography is unposed, unfiltered moments of your family, most often inside your home, but they can also be done outdoors.

These are beautiful keepsakes to document the season of life you’re in.

In-home lifestyle sessions

If you choose an in-home lifestyle session, I will encourage you to pick an activity that you already love to do with your family — bake cookies, color, paint, throw the football around, etc.

san antonio family photographer

This gets your kids playing and laughing and gets you, mama, some great photos of them being them.

I love this option if you have a new home that you want to showcase, or document your first home and first moments there before a move.

This is a great idea to capture your kids in this season of life in their room and all together.

The key with this type of session is not to try to create moments, but just to be you.

Outdoor lifestyle moments

When I photograph families outdoors, I love to get candid moments, and that’s where this lifestyle type session comes into play.

We will always get the safe, posed, everyone-looking-at-the-camera photos for you.

But my love is for those candid moments of you laughing and snuggling together.

Most often, I will put your family in a position and ask you to interact by talking to each other or I’ll give you a prompt that will help encourage engagement.

What to expect from Melody

All photographers are different. I personally am more hands-off. I love to allow moments to happen organically, so I will set you up and see what happens.

If I see you need some help, I will definitely step in and move hair, guide hands, etc.

But I love to get to know your unique family and see what makes you engage and laugh together.

How can you help

  • Relax and just enjoy being together.
  • Ask them what they want to do after the session.
  • Tickle your kids.
  • Take this moment to reflect on your family.
  • Have fun!

I would love to photograph your family in your home or out at a summer getaway like the splash pad or pool. If you’re going somewhere this summer, bring me along to capture a few moments. You won’t regret capturing these memories!

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